Common Questions

What is Cued Speech?

Cued Speech is a visual mode of communication that uses handshapes and placements in combination with the mouth movements of speech to make the phonemes of a spoken language look different from each other. Cued Speech is not a language itself, but is used to convey a spoken language such as English, French, or Spanish.

What is a cued language transliterator?

A cued language transliterator (CLT) facilitates communication between the deaf/hard of hearing Cued Speech community and the hearing community. The same auditory information that is accessible to the hearing is made visually available to the client that is deaf or hard of hearing by the CLT. 

Why is Cued Speech used?

Cued Speech was originally invented to increase literacy among the deaf and hard of hearing community. It is able to show the building blocks (phonemes) of a spoken language so that one can acquire fluency in that language. Cued Speech is a mode of communication that can be used alone or alongside signed languages. 

What is the role of a CLT?

The primary goal of a CLT is to make communication easy and accessible for all involved.  The CLT is there to provide a communication service, and will refrain from giving advice or sharing opinions.  Standards of confidentiality and professionalism will be respected by the CLT.


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