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Our Story

We started Cue Access because we saw a need to provide cued language transliteration services out in the public setting. Having spent many years in the educational setting, we have seen the benefits from and the need for cued language services.  We want to continue to support the Cued Speech community through all facets of their life, beyond the K-12 classroom. Our goal is to always provide clear and accurate cued language transliteration for those that use Cued Speech as their chosen mode of communication.


We are Cue Access

Kristy Dedon   TSC

Kristy is a nationally certified cued language transliterator and NCSA certified Cued Speech instructor. She has over 13 years of experience as a transliterator. Her favorite things to transliterate are theater productions and music. She especially enjoys cueing 80's songs and hard rock.

Patrick Sheppard   TSC

Patrick is a nationally certified cued language transliterator.  With a theatrical background and having performed in bands, he brings a passion and emotion to his transliteration, and has a love for transliterating stage performances.

Anne Neppl    TSC

Anne is a nationally certified cued language transliterator. She has 7 years of experience as a transliterator. She is also a C-Print captionist and deafblind intervener.


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